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Posted by IPRESS (Member # 17) on :
Any ideas on best local place to find a deal on a 1.6 gently used and not abused motor. I found a really nice "vintage 90" with a bad short nose. Too nice to race.... just right to commute in. The local shops, MER, etc can get them, but I figured the SM grapevine might help me locate a good cheap deal.
I was thinking with this new engine specification deal starting that there could be some used engines out there!
Posted by Chris Taylor (Member # 1556) on :
I've got one from a '93. Unsure on exact mileage, was less than 100k, I think WAYYYY less... was in a house fire. Owner is a good friend, ALWAYS takes EXCEPTIONAL care of his stuff, and likely would never have gotten rid of this car (he still has all his and his son's racecars) if it weren't for the fire.

Email me,
Posted by IPRESS (Member # 17) on :
email sent ( I should have thought of you Chris, in the first place.)