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Posted by Steve Johnson (Member # 593) on :
I was thinking about a road trip for the drivers school/regional. Is anybody going to be there? Is it a fun track? Just looking for so info, tring to talk myself into it. Thanks!
Posted by Steve-90 (Member # 867) on :
Been there a couple of times. Pretty small track in comparison to the NorCal tracks I currently run. It has got one really slow almost wanna go into first gear. I heard it is closing soon..anyone know when?

I personally would not travel very far to this specific track, but then maybe I am spoiled with Laguna/Sears Point/Thunderhill/Buttonwillow tracks. Anyway, just one data point for you. It is right near the Denver the middle of nowhere.
Posted by don wiseman (Member # 21) on :
Hi Steve; I've only raced there once since moving from Memphis, and liked it fine. The closest MiDiv comparison would be Hallett, but a little tighter and without as much elevation change. If you go to the Colorado region website, there's a link with a track map. There are also 2x regionals later in the year. To get there from KC, it's just west of DIA with motels just down the road.
Posted by wldb13 (Member # 34) on :

I would think taht it would be worth the trip. The track is a ton of fun to drive, easy to learn but hard to master! There should be a large turn out of Miatas. I would be shocked to see a field of less than 25 to 30 cars.

Bill Hingston
Posted by don wiseman (Member # 21) on :
What are you going to be doing Bill?