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Posted by Al Boileau #38SM (Member # 1772) on :
I just thought I would post a few comments here about the disappointment in how we are treating each other and it seems the comraderie among the ranks here in Colorado has dwindled. [boggled]

After attending Sundays race at Pueblo I was amazed at how spread out all the Miata drivers were accross the paddock. In the past we were always pitted together and had central social tents. We were helping each other and celebrating our races & sessions with obvious excitement and joy. [group hug]

WHAT HAS HAPPENED!!??? [Confused]

Bob, Little Bill and I all quit running this year and we all were looking forward to a tight race to replace last years top 3 spots.

Monte was a given to be up there (should've been 3rd last year if not for double points.)
Jeff Jensen after mastering his NSX was turning his focus towards his Miata and he would be a contender.
Bill Tolley got faster over last year and he would be a force to deal with.
Several other other top spot competitors:
Rick Buhl, Dan Spirek, etc...

But surpisingly - many others got Real Quick - Fast!!

I have been asked to edit this post...aparently a number of you have complained about this...sorry.

I guess that my attempt to open your eyes and make you think worked.

Best regards and good racing to you all.

Al [Cool]

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Posted by BVINSON (Member # 1812) on :
Very well put Al. I couldn't agree more. Didn't racing around here used to be fun?