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Posted by SnakeFart (Member # 2235) on :
seems this is the most popular part of the whole forum... are there no more racers in Colorado?? i would like some info on some of the tracks maybe even a schedule. and is second creek gonna stay open 1 or more years?
Posted by bpanther (Member # 6) on :
There's at least 30 - 35 cars in the area... Since SM has it's own section on the division BB most people hang out over there.

2005 schedule is up on the colorado region website and there are 5 or so events at SCR. By edict of the city counsil, the track really is history this coming Novemeber.
Posted by SnakeFart (Member # 2235) on :
sorry im new to the lingo. what does bb stand for? is there a link so i can learn what all these new terms stand for?
Posted by bpanther (Member # 6) on :

BB = bilitan board (I just can't spell bulliten...)

Go here to Colorado website

Hit that link above and then go to Message Board.

Oh, by the way if you go out to Second Creek between Xmas and New Years there is free track time and there should be several SM people to talk to.
Posted by SnakeFart (Member # 2235) on :
thanks for the link to it but are the mods not working over there?? i guess i have to wait to get access from one of the admins... im surely going to try and get out there and talk to some peeps