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Posted by dkizerian (Member # 5718) on :

Registration for Double National 5/26-5/27

Registration for Regional 5/25

The weekends schedule will be as follows:
Thursday May 24th 8:00-5:00 Test day Sponsored by MMP $200
Friday May 25th 8:00-12:00 Test day sponsored by MMP $100

The official SCCA sanction starts at 12:00 Friday the 25th and competition starts at 1:00.
Friday May 25th 1:00-5:30 Regional races all open and closed wheel $175
Saturday May 26th 8:00-5:30 time limit 1st National Race
Sunday May 27th 8:00-5:30 time limit 2nd National Race
National pricing is $210 for one race and $400 for both races.

Supplemental Regulations are available at

More Information can be found at

Track Volunteers can sign up at

he Airport Hilton will be offering rooms to SCCA members and others that are participating in this event at a rate of $75 per night Wednesday May 23rd- Sunday May 27th. Call 1-800-999-3736 and give them the code SCC Make sure it is for the Salt Lake City Airport Hilton.
Posted by Kim Ouye (Member # 1890) on :
I'm signed up for both regional and national races. Looking forward to it. [Smile]
Posted by Jonlee (Member # 5722) on :
Full color map of the facility for those that might be interested or ar already commited to racing with us this year.

We will also be hosting a spec miata only race in conjunction with Grand-am and MX-5 cup in September also on the full track!
Posted by Tyler Dahl (Member # 3580) on :
I was hoping that someone out there had some footage of the race this weekend, I know Mark Franklin had some footage of me barely missing him after he was spun by a certain someone. So anyhting would be great to look at.
Thanks Tyler
Posted by Blake Clements (Member # 1377) on :
Who won?
Posted by Brian Linn (Member # 1619) on :
Sammy Valafar won both days. Don Thibaut gave him a good run both days in the beginning of the races, but Sammy won going away.

saturday's results
sunday's results
Posted by Kim Ouye (Member # 1890) on :
Wow...what a great weekend! Had a lot of fun learning the full configuration and meeting some of the competitors.

What a great place to race! But I had enough track time from Thur-Sun in 2 cars (SM, MX-5 Cup) that I didn't have anything left for the second race so I bailed to my hotel pool with some friends...

Thanks for some fun and clean racing! See you in September in both SM and MX-5 Cup.

Why was Dan McKeever DQ'ed?
Posted by Tyler Dahl (Member # 3580) on :
He was dq'ed because he showed up to grid at the 1 minute board and headed out after they let the grid start on to track and went back to his pole position and he ignored 7 black flags and then came in. It sucks because he had a chance to beat sammy and it reminded me of the "I was seventh" video
Posted by Lance Snyder (Member # 2111) on :
Ouch.... please tell me he got more then a DQ.
Posted by Kim Ouye (Member # 1890) on :
Oh man...I wish I'd have stayed for that...LOL... [Smile]

Will have to talk to him this weekend at Portland...
Posted by Tyler Dahl (Member # 3580) on :
Not sure what else, but they gave him a black flag at turn 4 & 19 for 4 laps before he came out and the stewards did not let him back out.
Have fun in portland, I wanted to go but I can't afford being any broker then I already am.