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Posted by DaveC (Member # 159) on :
So was anyone able to unseat Backus or is his run of impressive races at BFR continue last weekend?
Posted by old65 (Member # 10470) on :
No, same old, same old.
Good part, the top five of the SM drivers and some of the IT drivers qualified for, and will file for Toyo awards.
It should total almost $500.00.
Posted by backusm (Member # 68) on :
I think Ray and Chad had the other podium spots, but there were some issues with the scales. Exact same fuel, Ray lost 30 lbs between races, and Chad lost 25. I scaled out the same, but I was the first one across the scales. I think Ray and Chad rounded out the podium.

I think I rolled the scales 6 times during the day. 3 mandated and 3 voluntary. I'd suggest it for everyone, especially as tech gets used to the new scale pad set-up.

In ITA, Jared Cromas won it in his integra.

Wheeler has stepped up the spread. We had the new gas grill going all weekend, and we've moved up from water to multiple flavors of gatorade and an unholy batch of homemade brownies. I should eat this well at home. On the downside, the plates are still paper and not Chinette.
Posted by Blake Thompson (Member # 1571) on :
Dad (Willy Thompson) picked up 3rd after the DQ.

Sorry Chad, I can't really say I disagree with the DQ but considering they didn't even have the scales setup when I was impounded I find it terribly unfair... there was no way for you to get your official weight without getting your qualifiers DQd. I got lucky at 2303#s

Mike, how much of a margin do you leave for yourself with weight? 20lb variance in a day is ridiculous, but the environment changed dramatically (weather)
Posted by backusm (Member # 68) on :
I rolled the scales after the first race at 2318, put in 3.5 gallons of gas and about 3-4 lbs of ice (24-25 lbs total) and rolled the scales after the second race at 2310. I figured the race at 22 laps, an out lap, a cooldown lap, and of course, a possible (but not probable) victory lap [Big Grin] for a total of 50 miles. About 10 mpg at BFR means 5 gallons or 30 lbs. Thus, rolling the second race at 2310 was right on with where I expected to be. At the SCCA national I rolled 2308, but I know of at least one other competitor that rolled 2305.

My impression is that lots of racers look at the fuel gauge and try to guess weight from there. I've given up on that.

I also did weight this week at the shop. I started the last national at BFR with a fuel tank jammed full but no ballast. When we got the car back to the shop, we weighed it without driver, but with cool suit full and got 2127. That means I need 173 of driver to make weight. I'm more than 173 (more like 190 with suit), so I know that a full tank and me will make weight (but not be over terribly) if all planning/monitoring goes into the crapper on a race weekend.

We actually started managing weight on the saturday test day. When there were two 20 minute test sessions left we filled the car and marked the mileage. Knowing that 50-60 miles would put me close to the minimum, we started the Sunday morning fuelling knowing we were close to minimums. That's why I was putting in 2 gallons per 15 or 20 minute session. The scales weren't going to be open prior to qualifying, but they warned us in the drivers meeting that we could be scaled post qualifying/race.

I'd prefer the weight be in ballast, but if I lose track of things, I want a safe position. I'm fortunate enough to run at or near the front of the council events, and near the front at SCCA events, so being put across the scales is always a potential issue.