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Posted by Juan Pineda (Member # 1581) on :
What is the current wisdom on the best device to get? I'd probably wire it into my AIM system to collect data vs. using a separate display.

I previously had an Innovate LC-1:

But that one broke. It stopped talking to the PC. Couldn't even reflash the code. Never figured out why. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by John A - 5x Racing (Member # 2857) on :
There went my advice! We use Innovate equipment in our cars with no issues, but if you have already experienced issues with the LC-1...
Posted by Mark (Member # 471) on :
If you've got an AIM logger already I'd take a long look at their wideband controller. Works well and is plug and play with the logger and Race Studio 2. Takes about 10 minutes to install if you've got a spare O2 bung.
Posted by Juan Pineda (Member # 1581) on :
My experience with the LC-1 breaking was 3-4 years ago. Maybe they have made improvements to reliability since. The AIM lamda sensor is pretty steep at $399. The LC-1 is half the price.