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Posted by Richard Pressman (Member # 1914) on :
Well, it may be time to break down and repaint the old chick-mobile. Maybe even do some body work.

Searched and didn't find anything on this, so....

Anyone know about having the car soda blasted to remove the paint down to the metal/plastic? I've done some quick research and it looks like a no down side way to do the job.

Eastbrook(?) sells a home quality unit for a few hundred bucks but I'm thinking that having a pro do it is preferable.

Any reliable shops in the South Jersey/Phiily area?

Any reasons not to go this way?

Posted by wheel (Member # 3072) on :
I have a commercial sand/soda/bead blaster, and it works great for parts. I would hate to try and do a whole car, however. I imagine it would cost a fortune to have the whole car done.
You will also find the media in every nook can cranny after it is done. You will be finding it five years from now.
Again, like everything else I post, I could be wrong.
Posted by Mark (Member # 471) on :
I had an industrial media blasting company media blast my last build. The results were awesome. The entire car was brought down to bare metal and the cost was around 650.00. They used plastic media on the body panels to avoid warping and more aggressive media in other areas. The bare tub made it really easy to paint. They plugged all the holes before blasting but a little still made it into some of the nooks and crannys but no big deal really.
Posted by kevin 22 (Member # 2088) on :
I have the eastwood blaster, You need a monster sized compressor or you consistantly have to wait while it builds pressure. Its good for little parts.
Posted by Richard Pressman (Member # 1914) on :
May be time for plan-B.

I've got a call in to a company up in North Jersey with a mobile commercial unit who say they do whole cars all the time. I'm waiting to see what their price is.

Thanks guys for the input.

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Posted by 38BFAST (Member # 3720) on :
you may also want to look at having the car dipped to strip it. There is a place locally that dips them and then e-coats everything when they are done. Their process strips all the paint and rust off the entire car. very messy on their end but when you get it back its like a new BIW.
Posted by Richard Pressman (Member # 1914) on :
Dipping would be nice but way too much effort, time and money.
Posted by fleming (Member # 17318) on :
I looked into having my beloved "monkey" miata stripped, honestly I have hated that paint since day one. There is a company called Chespeake Soda blasters, they said about $320.00 (160.00 an hour) on a miata to blast it. However, if you call them tell Mike its a racecar that you are wanting them to blast. They will not do a regular everyday driver, seems that the soda goes everywhere including the air box, air vents and the insides of the car.
Eastwood Automotive offers a lot of solutions for car repair. I have used the USB liquid lead and its not bad for body panels
Posted by Dave Stevens (Member # 2279) on :
Good you are looking into jobbing it out. I use a media blaster and I wouldn't want to do an entire car in a home garage. You will need a big compressor and be willing to clean up the mess from the media and old coating. Anything bigger than an a-arm I send out.
Posted by oem steve (Member # 17868) on :
the company I used last time charged $600.00 for a large 60's hot rod with a hard top but would do 2 cars at $500.00 each. Just FYI for $$ reference
Posted by wheel (Member # 3072) on :
While you are dipping it, you might as well acid dip it. Then you can add about 150# to the floor boards. Of course, the weight may fall through the now very thin floor boards.
Posted by Bob Thornton - Race Engineering (Member # 1864) on :
I have had several cars professionally blasted the cost was around $800 to do the entire car inside and out and in my opinion it is worth it.
Posted by Richard Pressman (Member # 1914) on :
Again, thanks for your input!

Still waiting for a couple shops to get back to me.
Posted by Mike888 (Member # 14773) on :
Richard there is a guy right here in Oaklyn that used to have a mobile unit. Lakeview Custom Coach. Not sure if he still does, but he did the bottom of my boat, and the job was amazing. I will give him a call tomorrow for you.
Posted by Richard Pressman (Member # 1914) on :