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Remembering back to when I started racing again in 2004...after an absense of more than 30 years, I was fortunate enough to have chosen the SM class. At that time, the only cars running were 90 to 97 Miatas, and most of those were almost stock. SM was a region only class and it drew 40 to 60 cars at every race. Soon the prepared engines started showing up, which made the class more expensive, and when the class went National, the numbers started to dwindle. For the older 90-97 cars, the last straw was allowing the 99 to 03 cars into the mix. People who could afford it, parked or sold their old SMs and started competeing with the newer Miatas, so more and more of the older cars quit racing because they couldn't compete. Over the past few years, there has been an attempt to introduce the SSM class, which (if done according to the rules) would cost an SM driver about $2000 to convert. Now thanks to my suggestion and lots of conversations with, and hard work by Butch Kummer, all of us with 90 to 97 cars can return to the track with some chance of winning our own class. The new SM2 class only requires that you have a 90 to 97 Spec Miata that conforms to the GCR rules for the SM class. No expensive changes have to be made, and we will still run the same race with all the other SMs. We simply have a class within a class. Our first sanctioned race is the Double SAARC at Road Atlanta on 17 and 18 July, 2010. This will be followed by the Double SAARC at Barber on Labor Day Weekend, and the ARRC in November. So, get those old SMs out of the garage, dust them off, and let's show the Atlanta Region how much fun we can have with older Miatas in our own class!