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Posted by MattUF (Member # 34770) on :
First time poster! I saw a few weeks ago some guys on here would get together and race over xbox live in spec miatas and was wondering if they were still doing it? My gamertag is youngmc86.

Posted by JC-MX5 (Member # 27578) on :
There's a thread specifically for this. Welcome aboard!
Posted by MattUF (Member # 34770) on :
Anyway I can get pointed to it? I've tried searching but only come up with threads from 2007-back
Posted by John A - 5X Racing (Member # 2857) on :
Forza 3 Discussion Thread

A lot of people still race, I see many jumping on Forza 3 when I get the rare chance to sign onto xbox live. The car is fun to drive, be sure to build it to the specs we ironed out!