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Posted by JIM DANIELS (Member # 15) on :
Ford Racing Mustang Challenge Launches Driver Shootout

Contact: Matt Cleary, Sunday Group Management
(317) 908-2975

Interested in winning a seat in the Ford Racing Mustang Challenge? Visit:

TOOELE, UT (22 June 2010) – Whether it is getting a good jump on a restart or cutting the chicane as close as they dare, every racer is looking for the chance to move up. And that’s not just true on the track, as drivers know that they have to make the most of every opportunity off the track as well.

BFGoodrich Tires and the Ford Racing Mustang Challenge have combined to create exactly the kind of opportunity a driver craves--the chance to make a big move up to the Ford Racing Mustang Challenge.

The “Mustang Challenge Driver Shootout” will put one driver behind the wheel for the season-finale Mustang Challenge race at Miller Motorsports Park on September 11. The Mustang Challenge Shootout mixes talent, new media savvy, and the drive to win to give one driver the chance of a lifetime.

Racers who think that they’ve got what it takes can upload a video demonstrating why they would be a good candidate to race in the Mustang Challenge. Drivers can use videos that have been posted on BFGoodrich's Nation of Go, YouTube, or a video site of their choice.

Entries will be accepted starting immediately, with the deadline for filing an entry being the checkered flag for round nine of the 2010 Mustang Challenge season at Autobahn Speedway(August 1st). From the submitted videos, five entrants will be selected as final contestants.

From there, the real competition kicks off as the finalists will travel to Miller Motorsports Park and receive training at the Ford Racing Miller Performance Training Center before being run through a variety of exercises in and out of the Ford Mustangs. And it won’t just be their stopwatches that the judges will be looking at, as the panel of judges on hand will watch as the drivers show their skills along the same scope of talents that are required for pro racing success in the modern world, from data analysis and media interaction to the ability to find a strong set up quickly.

For the finalists, the goal will be simple--convince the panel of judges that they are the driver who should be taking the green flag as the Mustang Challenge season finale kicks off.

All applicants must hold a valid race license (SCCA, NASA, ASN-FIA Kart, – see Rules for more information), but not have any pro racing starts on their racing resume. The contest is open to individuals ages 18 and older residing in the United States and Canada.

The judges will review all eligible videos received during the contest period. The judges will evaluate each video based on quality, content, personality and overall entertainment and select the five videos that best convey a candidate who can go the full distance to make it to race in the Mustang Challenge.

Do you have what it takes or know someone who might? Visit to find out!
Posted by Kim Ouye (Member # 1890) on :
I think Andrew Caddell would win this hands down... [Wink]
Posted by Greg Bush (Member # 618) on :
I heard attendance was down, but now they are giving seats away? [Big Grin]

Andrew is pretty busy with the off-road truck but he might be able to make some time for this...
Posted by dtfastbear (Member # 2337) on :
Rules say that you can have ZERO pro-racing starts. Deadline was today. I entered:
Posted by David Perkins (Member # 25100) on :
I was told that the Mustang series ends this Sept. DONE. In fact they still have cars that were produced by Ford but never sold for sale. Could be a god buy only 75 were made by Ford. I believe the price now is around 45000. I was told this by a racer in the series.
Posted by MPR22 (Member # 17965) on :
Nice clip Dean, hope they give you a shot.
Posted by dtfastbear (Member # 2337) on :
Thanks, Michael!

David, you are correct. The cars are a steal at that price if you consider that they will be legal for World Challenge GTS class. No cheaper way to go WC racing!
Posted by d mathias (Member # 343) on :
Good luck Dean - that's a cool deal.

I really want a RR46-C, not much more money than a top of the line SM.
Posted by dtfastbear (Member # 2337) on :
I'm in! They just notified me last night.

So now I get to compete in a Mazda-Shootout-esque competition against 4 other finalists at Miller on September 6-8. Winner gets to race that weekend in the final Mustang Challenge race.

I'll try to follow in Andrew's footsteps and represent for the sm community.


Posted by Dan Cooper (Member # 19413) on :
Congrats Dean!

That's awesome. I'm confident you'll do well! Good luck and have fun with it!
Posted by Scottie (Member # 3779) on :
Good luck man! thats great!
Posted by Sean Allen (Member # 3800) on :
Awesome!! Do we know who the other finalist are?
Posted by fastbrewer (Member # 4191) on :
Looks like you'll be making an extended stay here in Utah!

Good Luck.
And if you need any tips on how to pass some time in between race weekends let me know. A place to eat, something to see, Good trails for a bike ride or hike, etc...

Posted by Danny Steyn (Member # 7356) on :
Congrats Dean. Good luck for the shootout. Make us SMers proud!
Posted by Gatoratty (Member # 15983) on :
Good luck and remember to have fun!
Posted by Kim Ouye (Member # 1890) on :
Congrats Dean! Good luck!
Posted by dtfastbear (Member # 2337) on :
Thanks, everyone! I'm fired up to represent the SM community well.

Jon - I may ping you, as it looks like I'm going to be in Utah for a while!! [Smile]

I'll start a thread when the shootout begins to keep everyone posted as it unfolds.


Posted by Ron Alan (Member # 23433) on :
Best of luck Dean...look forward to seeing how you do!!

Posted by Scott Zetterstrom (Member # 11996) on :
Wow, your video is a must see for anyone interested in putting together sponsorship deals, promotions, etc. Great work and good luck in the challenge.
Posted by dp35 (Member # 17311) on :
Congrats Dean. Represent!
Posted by Jeff Lyon (Member # 2376) on :
Awesome vid but I would expect nothing less! Kick it Dean!
Posted by Roger Caddell (Member # 687) on :
Good luck Dean!
Posted by bpigpen (Member # 14409) on :
Awesome Dean,
Best of Luck. I told you!
Looks like you may have to choose what car you want to drive next year. way to go!
Posted by dickball (Member # 2664) on :
Good job Dean!! Well done.
I hope the best for you, We all know you can deliver in the car.

Tim Wright
Posted by danimaldds (Member # 2040) on :
I don't even have to say how I feel about it. My money is on DT..go get'em brother.
Posted by wheel (Member # 3072) on :
Say hello to Pat Wilmot, an ASedan driver, who will be joining you.
And, have fun.
Posted by Steve Holifield (Member # 4335) on :
Way to go, Dean. You da man!
Posted by JIM DANIELS (Member # 15) on :
Dean, look me up for setup, they are easy but require off the wall thinking to get them to turn and hook up under power. See you there and congrats!!

Everyone buys a car and got GTS with us!! will have all information regarding WCGTS racing.
Posted by Kim Ouye (Member # 1890) on :
Congrats to Dean Thomas for winning the Mustang Challenge Driver Shootout! Good luck this weekend!
Posted by Ron Alan (Member # 23433) on :
Originally posted by Kim Ouye:
Congrats to Dean Thomas for winning the Mustang Challenge Driver Shootout! Good luck this weekend!

Posted by Ron Alan (Member # 23433) on :
Based on what I'm reading DT finished a respectable 8th out of 20 in his first Pro start [thumbsup]

Live timing of todays race starts at 12pm pacific, 1pm mountain.
Posted by Juan Pineda (Member # 1581) on :
Dean qualified P5 for today's start. You can follow the race via live timing here:

It should be fun!

Posted by Kim Ouye (Member # 1890) on :
And he was running 4th, challenging for 3rd when a RF hub failure dropped him back to 11th in the last few laps of the 2nd race. Ran the whole race with a deteriorating hub and still ran the 2nd fastest lap of the race!
Posted by Muda (Member # 3309) on :
Yea, I told a buddy who is in the series to follow Dean. Seen enough of his vids to know how he'd fair. Nice job Dean! Shame about the mechanical but it is a Ford.
Posted by Jeremy Pike (Member # 13200) on :
If I know Dean he will have some video up for us in the next few days. I think it was all that practice in the ford powered V8 volvo he's been seen in.
Dean you are a class act and I am sure you opened up a few eyes with your video intro and following it up with the driving.

Best of luck at the NASA Championship's.
Posted by 38BFAST (Member # 3720) on :
Who was the team suppoting the car?
Posted by dtfastbear (Member # 2337) on :
The Ford High Performance Driving School at Miller Motorsports Park crew took care of my race car all week/weekend. It was an INCREDIBLE experience, and I'm proud of the results.

Jeremy, you're right... here's the first half of my race.

I'll try to put the rest of it up later today, but since this took over 9 hours to upload on the hotel broadband, it might be longer... [Smile]

I'll also post a writeup of my entire Shootout experience. It was so cool!

Special props to Dan McKeever, who was "there for me" the whole week as I went through this process this past week.


Posted by fastbrewer (Member # 4191) on :
Good Racing Dean!
I was watching Sundays race from the wilson grandstands over by the clubhouse.
I was rooting for you, Pratt Cole and Ben Crosland. Ben obviously did pretty well for himself with the victory, but It was initially pretty exciting for me to have you and Pratt nose to tail for a few laps until he got black flagged.
You did a great job until the mechanical. Really stood your own against the series veterans with much more time behind the wheel of those mustangs! You were hanging strong looking at that 3rd position for quite a while and the guy in 5th didn't really have much for you.

It was a fun race to watch! [thumbsup]

Also a second nod to Dan McKeever. He has helped lots of us over the years, he's a great instructor and a great cheerleader. He's also a long time SM guy and will be racing with us this week in the championships. That's really great that you could spend some time with him this past week.

Congratulations and again great job!!!
Posted by SeanH88 (Member # 613) on :
I am fortunate enough to be a part of the Miller Racing School and got to work with and be around Dean this weekend a little bit. I can not say enough about how much of a pleasure it is to be around Dean and how great a job he did throughout the weekend. He is a great all around racer and did a fantastic job around some very good experienced Mustang drivers. No doubt that a little more time with that Mustang and he would be consistently on the podium. Nicely done Dean!

I am speculating that with all that seat time this week on the outer loop Dean is going to do very very well at the NASA Championships. Good Luck! I will see you at the 25 hour.

Posted by Juan Pineda (Member # 1581) on :
What did Pratt get black flagged for? Nice dance with the Green/white car around Wildcat. So I take it those loud grinding sounds are from the wheel bearing? Sounded ugly. Great drive. Looking forward to seeing the rest of it. Maybe I'll catch it at Miller tomorrow when I see you!

Posted by dtfastbear (Member # 2337) on :
Grand Am rules state that you cannot move out of position or initiate a pass until you've crossed the start line, no matter when the gren flag flies. Pretty clear violation if you watch the video.
Posted by Juan Pineda (Member # 1581) on :
I thought it must have had something to do with the start. Man, I wish SCCA enforced it's own starting discipline.
Posted by Eric Barbaric (Member # 1939) on :
AWESOME Entry Video and nice drive. Once Mr. Black Flag got out of your way, you scooted up on the front-runners pretty handily.

Nicely done.

I'd be curious to hear your observations about how the Stangs performed versus your experience in SM. Looked like the corners would have been frustrating, but fun to power out of.
Posted by Roger Caddell (Member # 687) on :
Nice job Dean, told you it would be a great time and you could run up front! Good luck next week.
Posted by Dr.Dan (Member # 2040) on :
Way to go brother. Sorry about the mechanical. point proven.
Posted by JIM DANIELS (Member # 15) on :
You did good Dean!

Pratt moved out of line, a just black flag.

How about the kid, last to 2nd race one and pole win race two.

My main regret was not getting Pratt a win. We were close all year and in position but no win.

Oh well, team is moving to World Challenge all cars and we picked up a GS car to split up next year, I will be busy.

The WC car is 5 seconds faster, it's a blast!!

Good luck NASA!
Posted by Lance Snyder (Member # 2111) on :
JD, bring em to the ARRC for a test session.
Posted by fleming (Member # 17318) on :
What happend to Michael Muduske, he did circle track racing in NC and was the 944 cup director for NASA SE??
Posted by 38BFAST (Member # 3720) on :
It is sad to see that series go. It had a lot going for it. The cars were very dependable and fast for what they were. Ford did a great job on the ER&D. It also was a great place for SM drivers to shine.

I was Car Chief for Capaldi for a year and was surprised the times the cars could lay down.

JD, it all makes sense seeing you at Barber in 2009 for the MCS event. I couldn’t figure it out at the time. JD at a all Mustang event? No Mazdas and JD. Didn't add up. Now it’s all clear.
Posted by Dusty Bottoms (Member # 594) on :
Nice job Dean! How many blocking moves are you allowed in that series? (green/white car)
Posted by dtfastbear (Member # 2337) on :
It would seem an unlimited amount [Smile] . I was really moving around, trying to get him to miss a braking point. [Smile]