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Posted by Muda (Member # 3309) on :
Is the proper setup for cage padding to have SFI or FIA approved padding only in the areas subject to helmet contact? And then to use the slightly softer, high density, flame retardant padding in all of the other area subject to body contact? Or should the SFI/FIA padding be used everywhere?

Only one section of the GCR recommends the rated padding for all potential areas of contact. All other mentions are about helmet contact.
Posted by John Mueller (Member # 2541) on :
Well, IMO if an area needs to be padded then I say use good stuff for it... Why skimp and risk a dented head or busted ankle/wrist?

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Posted by Vick (Member # 13121) on :
It was explained to me that when you hit your roll cage your body is kind of like a hammer hitting the tubing. I tried hitting the good padding with a hammer and didn't get through to the tubing. The previous owner had some of the "pipe insulation" style foam on the cage and when I hit that I got a very distinctive pinging sound.

I say use the good stuff. That's just my opinion. It's cheap enough insurance as John pointed out.
Posted by Muda (Member # 3309) on :
I guess the real question is, is SFI padding suitable for use where body parts (as opposed to a helmet) might make contact with the cage.

I read somewhere that SFI approved padding was designed for helmet to cage contact. Don't know whether this is suitable for body parts.

Want to use the right stuff, whatever the price.
Posted by 38BFAST (Member # 3720) on :
use the hard stuff.
Posted by Drago (Member # 1406) on :
There is so slow mo video somewhere and the generic padding does next to nothing.. It compresses to nearly nothing... Use the hard stuff
Posted by wheel (Member # 3072) on :
I concur. No question.
Posted by Muda (Member # 3309) on :
Done! Thanks all.
Posted by Vick (Member # 13121) on :
Not to confuse the matter, and not that I've ever been bruised by my roll bar padding while getting into my car, but the boys at HMS seem to have a dual solution. Soft on the outside, hard on the inside. Please hold all cheeky comments.
Posted by Keith in WA (Member # 16099) on :
Oh come on Vick. That just begs for cheeky comments! [yep]

I like that dual density concept. I was kind of flip flopping myself on whether the hard stuff or soft stuff would be better on my fleshy bits. That stuff you linked has some give but prevents you from compressing it all the way to the tubing.

Here's another one that looks pretty good (but spendy).

It lets your body energy distribute over a large area instead of just the padded tubes.
Posted by Vick (Member # 13121) on :
What, this is a serious and mature discussion forum, no? [laughing]

Been looking for the slow motion video that was alluded to but can't find anything. My hammer test and speaking to people in crashes was enough for me to go with the denser and harder padding. Of course other people's experiences have also led to me getting hood pins, thinking about redoing my cage, putting in a right hand side net.....etc. My car will wind up being high on safety and low on power and tires, but i'm ok with that.
Posted by Keith in WA (Member # 16099) on :
I was thinking of the padding we use in planes. What we call "delethalization pads" (warm fuzzy term, no?) It's not as hard as the SFI stuff that you'd want near your head but most of the people we're trying to protect aren't wearing helmets.
Posted by John@P1 (Member # 1089) on :
This is the same question I came on here to ask.

So consensus is to use the SFI padding around your helmet and softer stuff around your limbs????

Posted by R Hale (Member # 3550) on :
You want to use the hard SFI padding everywhere. The soft padding doesn't work.
Posted by Keith in WA (Member # 16099) on :
The consensus on padding near your head is definately use the hard stuff.

I don't think there's a consensus on the rest of the padding other than don't use the really soft stuff. There is a wide range of padding that's softer than the really dense stuff ranging from spongy hot water pipe insulation to some pretty good stuff.
Posted by Matt Johnson (Member # 1445) on :
There is some new dual density stuff on the market by BSCI (If I remember correctly) that is a SFI rated (read hard) and shaped inner pad with a softer outer pad shaped like the FIA rated stuff. Sort of the best of both worlds.

I have used it in 4 vehicles at work and while it is a little on the heavy side I really like it. Also you can use just the inner padding where clearance is an issue.

Here is a link (note, just the first one that google popped up; no association with them, and I think I found it cheaper elsewhere):
Posted by Keith in WA (Member # 16099) on :
I do think that dual density stuff is probably the best near your arms and legs. The softer part takes out the smaller jolts and the harder parts the bigger ones like a non-linear spring.