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Posted by Vick (Member # 13121) on :
Here's a video from some qualifying laps from the Glen in October. I was following a faster driver to see what I can learn.

On my last lap of the session I turned a 2:25.6 or so, which is a dramatic improvement from the beginning of this season (my first) when I was turning 2:32s+ or so in practice.

Where else can I improve? (and obviously, I'm sure my music taste can use some help [rockband] [Big Grin] )

Thanks for all the help, much appreciated. The video was shot from my go pro, mounted to my rollcage.

Posted by soupy (Member # 1372) on :
Your driving line is "not that far off" but needs some work. Where you should start first is you need to get way deeper into the corner before braking and on the gas sooner. You are turning in too early on most corners,and you shouldn't have to lift in the carousel. There's more but start with those things and work up from there.