This is topic Forza MX-5 Cup race being formed right now- in forum SMulators at Spec Miata Community.

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Posted by robbiek (Member # 4194) on :

Guys, check that link. There is an mx5 cup based as close as possible to the real cars coming together right now. Forza-Xbox/360 I figured you may want in on it. Still finalizing all the specs but we have been setting up "MX5CUP Practice" rooms each of the past few nights. It's a complete blast. I think we had 6 of us on together tonight. Check it out and come play.

Posted by Neil (Member # 2928) on :
Dang, I am an ol PS2 guy with GT4 TT and Need for speed but this sounds quite cool! On line racing with others sounds fun... I expect Andrew would still kick my tailpipe, but I'd have a better chance! [laughing]
Posted by Steve Scheifler (Member # 1949) on :
Sounds like fun. Hey Tom, don’t give away that X-Box just yet!

I'm not the most eloquent or grammatically astute person, but sites like that one make me wonder whether the internet will be the death of the English language as we know it. It is SO distracting that the message is lost the first time through. No offense to the folks posting, but is that the language equivalent of wearing jeans down around your thighs?