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Posted by funracer (Member # 17261) on :
Here is the deal: I bought a salvage 95 Miata to use as a source of spare parts for my 94 SM. Generally speaking can I legally use ANY part from the 95 as long as it is a Mazda factory part? If not, how do I know what is legal to use? I am stripping the car and will ebay/craigslist whatwever I cannot use per the GCR.

Many of the SM rules in the GCR are applied in groups (90-93, 94-97, etc). Specifically, I want to know if I can legally use the 95 ECU as a spare for my 94? I found this in the GCR:

"The ECU and engine electrical harness must be as supplied by Mazda. No modifications are permitted. The ECU maps and inputs must not be modified."

If it is not legal to use, anybody need a 95 ECU?

Posted by Keith in WA (Member # 16099) on :
Watch out for the '95. It's a year when things changed mid-year. I know at a minimum, some of the electrical system like the coil is different between early and later '95. I don't know about the ECU so better check the part numbers or call Mazdaspeed.