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Posted by Steven Holloway (Member # 2306) on :
Pasted from the GCR
"Coil-Over kit
Front/Rear 0000-04-5402AW: The sleeves and perches may be replaced with parts of the same material and dimensions."

I read that to mean the GC sleeves and perches are legal now too.
I thought I had read that in Fasttrack this past summer.
Posted by Kent Carter (Member # 2245) on :
One of the vendors had been selling slightly different perches and sleeves for some time. I think this rule is there to accommodate his product.
Posted by Steven Holloway (Member # 2306) on :
Dammit, I have a set of GC coilover perches, I'm 3/4 of the way to a suspension set!

So, by the wording, why wouldn't the GC kit be legal? Since they are the same dimension and material, as far as I recall, haven't looked at them in a while.