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Posted by Kevin Coulter (Member # 1313) on :
Please join us for the last CenDiv National of the year, the Continental Motors Group National, August 28/29, at Blackhawk Farms Raceway. Online registration is now open at

Hope to see you there!

Posted by Kevin Coulter (Member # 1313) on :
Just a reminder that online registration closes this Tuesday, August 24, at 11:59PM CDT.

Hope to see you there!

Posted by KachMiata (Member # 20356) on :
How did the race go? Results?
Posted by davew (Member # 214) on :
Top 3 in qualifying seperated by 2/10ths: Burdzy (95) Slattery (92) and Coello (97)

Add Manning in 99 to the mix for first half of race nose to tail. Burdzy leads first 6-8 laps, then Slattery passes for lead. Manning drops back in traffic about 1/2 way, Coello drops back about 3/4 race. Burdzy challenges Salttery for the lead but never gets close enough for a legitimate pass.

Great race no contact and everybody goes home happy.
Posted by Drago (Member # 1406) on :
Sounds like yet another parity issue [Wink] Congrats to all.
Posted by davew (Member # 214) on :
difference in fastest race laps, Burdzy-Coello-Slaterry; 0.05 seconds

We need to help Harry in the 99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by JMorris (Member # 3838) on :
Isn't this Dewhurst the parity experts home division? In typical fashion, no comments from him when the facts don't support his case?
How many 1.6 national wins lately? Isn't that what you were waiting to see? Seems like in the heat of the summer they have been almost undefeated? Are you that hypocritical that you can't comment when the facts don't support your case? You sure seem to come out and bang the war drums when you twist the facts to suit your needs?

Posted by David Dewhurst (Member # 759) on :
I'll be polite because you don't read real well.
I have said that parity is good at tracks other than for the 1.6 at ROAD AMERICA. I viewed the race at Blackhawk Farm and all 4 front runners did a fine job racing. It was Slattery's first time at the track.

The hell with being polite. I haven't been posting because of trolls lke you.