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Author Topic: Eagles Canyon Raceway Double Regional

Region: Texas
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So who wants to post their comments regarding double regional at Eagles Canyon? What do ya think of the track? What do we need to do to get more SM to come out to double regional in September.

My personal comments:
- Disappointed in SM turnout, something around 12-13 cars. But there was a small turnout in other groups as well. Why?
- Great track. Real elevation changes, highly technical. Seemed to be much racier than expected, with more passing zones than I anticipated. Wide enough for quite a bit of side by side. Maybe it was just the regional drivers playing nice with each other?
- Great weekend all the way up to the grass fire conflagration in the last race (wings/things) on Sunday. A bad note to end on, but handled well.
- Great track people.

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taylorf Verified Driver

Region: Houston
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Year : 1994
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For SM a big part of the problems are the tires. Not many people can afford a new set every weekend.

Taylor Ferranti

Cajun Miata Man Verified Driver
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Region: Houston; SWDIV
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For one it wasn't the smartest time to schedule a race two weeks after the double national at TWS. I can't speak for everyone in SM, but tow costs, entry fees, more tire use on an already bad tire situation to run a non-points paying race isn't worth the time/money.

September is a sketchy month to schedule also. The Runoffs moved to September this year so I won't make that date either.

Get a double national there and folks will show up.

James York

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taake1201 Verified Driver
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Region: Houston (SOWDIV)
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+1 to what James said. Unfortunately, I will also miss the next ECR double regional in September. Can't risk damage to the car at a non-National event that close to the Runoffs. But, if either event were a R/N or a N/N, I'd have found a way to be there.

Steve Taake
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Miatacage.Com/Mazdaspeed/Hoosier/Carbotech/Summit Racing/Pro Am Auto Accessories

Blake Clements Verified Driver Series Champ

Region: SW - Houston
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I think everyone just likes MSR Houston that much. [rolling on floor laughin]

Blake Clements

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Region: Texas
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Well, I don't know details..but I do know TX region is laying the groundwork for doing 2010 double national at Eagles Canyon, as well as regional/national.

Key will be paddock space...and paddock space management. Track's a bit short on paddock space, and the usual harum scarum paddock parking ain't gonna work there. Most of the paddock space is down the hill from the track, so essentially no track visibility from paddock.

Just to talk a bit of smack, Eagles Canyon is a lot more challenging than MSR Houston or TMS, perhaps even that TWS. Real elevation changes, blind corners, apexes that you just have to trust are there, very few nice straight flat braking zones.


Region: SW Division
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Year : 1999
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All things considered I enjoyed my weekend at ECR. I found it good to race on with more passing options than I expected. I would MUCH prefer to race there than TMS and so I certainly hope that we move some National races to this location in 2010.

Congratulations to Keith Verges for completely dominating the field on both days. The next three of us had a tight very fun race on both days but Keith left us in his dust.

I drove mostly on tired R888' and while the wear was certainly evident and more than a RA-1, it was not as bad as we had at both MSR Houston and TWS. I am not sure if this is due to the tires hardening in the last few weeks - or what. The tires were a tad slippery, but did not go off too much during the race.

The Spec Miata Compliance team was in town and I had the pleasure of being teched in varying degrees of detail on 4 occasions. Got a little tiring and a tad disappointing as they teched the same three cars every time we went out but only weighed others. I can say with confidence that my new SCCA Enterprises restrictor plate will pass the same test as many times as they give it (4 in this case...). Maybe there are people out there dumb enough to swap their restrictor plate out for a cheater when its clear its being checked. I also know that disconnecting the ECU on a 99 for tech is a pain as it takes some interesting physical contortions to get to it with the seat in. Had my first experience with a Whistler. Everyone passed all tests by the way.

We had a strange interpretation of rules on ballast by local tech staff and were told to not come back with the car the way it was (three weights stacked with 2 bolts tightening them down). This was surprising to me as the car had passed two annual inspections as well as a Runnoffs tech with the weights just like this. The interpretation initially given was that each piece of ballast needed to be separately bolted to the floor, ie. 6 bolts and no stacking. The GCR refers to "segments". This is crazy as there is not enough space to separately mount multiple ballast pieces and 6 bolts of the size we have to use is spectacular design overkill. We asked the Tech Manager from SCCA for his thoughts and were told that stacking 2 pieces of ballast and placing 4 bolts through them would probably meet the intent of the rule so I am going with that now. Just wanted to let others know....

Craig J


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My guess for hits against SM participation at ECR in order… economy, double regional and SM now national class, double national 2 weeks ago, NASA 1 week ago (more regional type racers), and then finally the R888's. All classes had participation down about the same %, so I think the R888's had very little impact. ECR is a great track though and I think a few cars might have just shown up to race a new exciting track.

Kent Carter Verified Driver Made Donation to Website
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Region: Houston
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I had planned to go and was looking forward to it. Reason I didn't:


Do I turn my 99 Hard S into a killerfast SM or seek a donor?

kverges Verified Driver

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I did not use a single R888; I figured to do more regionals the first half of the year to use up my existing RA1 stock.

That said, it was the 3rd race weekend in a row and I am beat.

ECR and SCCA will have to do some serious marshalling and planning to get a N/N with 150+ entries paddocked. I pitted in the dirt all weekend and am grateful it did not rain.

Keith Verges
SM #61


Region: Texas-SW Div.
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Great track, challanging, fun, roomy, wide, fast, bumpy...something for everyone. Can't wait to go back!
Very nice facilities, meeting room, restroom/shower, food stand, tech building, patios, etc.
Great Friday test & tune, 7 sessions, very helpful corner workers.
Lousy parking, but they said it will improve in time.
Congratulations to Keith for smoking us. We tried to make it a race for him, but he just checked-out. Great slow 2nd gear start pace on Sat. Really kept us bunched together and made it a lot of fun for us mid-packers. Well, for a lap or two...Sorry to everyone else for holding you guys up, you do make us faster when we run with you for a few laps.

2 rear diffs. 1 transmission, 1 PPF, & a few dents!


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