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Author Topic: Site Features, Benefits & Amenities
Jim Daniels

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A very good suggestion was made to me recently “Jim you need a topic covering the offerings the site has, I’m lost”. Well, I’m lost too sometimes, very good point! I will keep this page updated not only for what we have available but what we are planning as well.


  • Forums: 35 or so different areas covering all the SM racing going on, rules, FAQ, setup and everything in between. Do not forget to use the archives and if there is a forum missing, let us know and we will consider your suggestion.

  • Classifieds: A low cost way to sell anything you want and a FREE way to ask for anything you might need. Members (free to sign up) can post want ads and have those ads answered by anyone who might be selling that item. This has been very successful especially for selling SM race cars. Some free credits come with a donation option, keep that in mind.

  • Specifications: One stop source for the rules governing Spec Miata. This section is maintained by Mike Collins and updated religiously. If you see an error, please let us know by hitting the Feedback button.

  • Setup Guide: The second edition released for 2008. A training tool used to assist SM teams. The guide covers how to perform setup and alignments plus trackside tuning. In my opinion it allows the teams to skip a major portion of the racing learning curve and is exactly how I personally setup and tune my cars. It is available on the home page “JD's SM Setup Guide V2”. Yes, the Dyno guide is coming asap!

  • FAQ: Not the best feature we have due to the abundance of posts in the general forums. Maybe someone can trade their time working this program in exchange for the sponsorship of the feature?

  • Swag Store: Get your SM goodies courtesy of the Café Express system. 100% of the proceeds are used to fund our contingency program.

  • Priceline Affiliation: Click the link, make your racing or vacation plans. One of the best online avenues for travel planning is now available to you through our site. At no additional cost your travel spending will help support our site and contingency program. 100% of the proceeds are used to fund our contingency program. The link is on our home page; tell all your friends and family!

  • Enhanced Donations: Support the site with one of our donation programs. Each donation comes with a special public marking of your support and some special incentives from us and our business partners such as Carbotech Brakes. We are actively seeking additional “value added” business support partners, stay tuned. 100% of the proceeds are used to offset the cost of the forum maintenance.

  • Storefront: Soon to be release market place offering all of the most popular items needed to build a Spec Miata including the new “SM in a box” kits, a collaboration with MiataCage.com. From professional motors to wheels to live tech support, it will be in our Storefront.

  • Video “how to” series: We will be shooting a video while building the first car with the new “SM in a box” kit. The video will be available to kit customers and site members alike. We are seeking shop professionals to assist in co-editing the project, contact me privately. My hopes are to offer this video to the community for free via download if we can gain enough corporate support to cover the costs involved.

  • National Points Championship: We are midstream in the planning stage of a corporately sponsored points program for the purpose of awarding various prizes and a championship. This program will use a system much like that of the Nascar late model weekly series. By tracking the results of all SM racing we will generate and award an overall champion (includes all sanctioning bodies domestic and internationally) along with various other awards (most poles, most events finished, hard charger etc…). We are seeking individual and corporate support, contact me privately.

  • Power TV: Soon to be released! We have teamed up with PowerTV for our never ending video needs. This service is like other outlets but Motorsport themed. I’m for supporting racers and their businesses, this is one way we can accomplish that. We have our fingers crossed that Maki will be able to figure it out [Smile] .

  • Shop Listings: Returning soon via MiataCage.Com! Sean will bring the members of our site his list of certified dealers. These shops have proved the ability to meet his standards for car construction and provide a great local spot to get your SM work done.


The site is a wealth of information for the Spec Miata enthusiast. This along with a great community of racers creates a popular and fertile environment to promote products, events, programs and direct sales. Our members are savvy so only your “A” game should be brought! We have the following available for our corporate friends.

  • Banner Program: Not much to say, top and side or both available. More info via the link on the home page. Those using it will point out that it works.

  • Corporate Classifieds: The classified section has a feature where companies or those interested in an above average display can have a custom presence with logos etc… Those running banner programs that also choose to use the classified section get this upgrade at no charge (normal classified fees apply). Contact Mike Oyler (mike@specmiata.com) for information.

  • Forum Sponsorships: Each forum can be labeled with your company’s logo. This is a great way to promote race events or for shops to target their local areas. We can also do a specialty forum where the corporate sponsor operates their own forum on our site. Eaststreet and The Tire Shoppe are examples of companies that utilize this program. Contact me if you would like to support one of the forums.

  • Value Discounts/Rebates: We are actively seeking companies to assist us with discount coupons or rebates for our members. In addition to the free site content these discounts/rebates are distributed as a value added feature for those members that donate to our site. In doing so, it generates exposure and potential customers for those companies choosing to support the program. There is no charge to the corporate partner; this benefit is solely for the site supporter! Look at the donation section to see how Carbotech is being promoted, they pay nothing for this program other than the discount/rebate on the product purchases. Maybe one day we can sell Value Packs and not even have donations!?! Contact me and join in supporting our supporters!

  • Storefront: We are building our infrastructure for the site’s first Storefront. We will soon launch a “racer’s racer” market place for the SM and Mazda race team. We are seeking additional companies to represent. Along with the traditional products will be a full line of my personal parts assembled from those companies that have supported me and this site through the years. If you would like to sell your products through the site please contact me at jim@specmiata.com.

  • Driving Instruction: I’m going to have a site section hosted/moderated by a driving professional. Members will be able to get the professional’s answer to their driving questions along with the ability to hire our resident Pro for a more personalized coaching session. We are taking applications for the Pro, contact me if you are interested.

I got to rake leaves so I’m skimping on the double spell and grammar checks, forgive me. I’m going to add news about the site in this topic from now on. I’m sorry I have not done this before. Keeping you posted, no pun intended, is important. I value your opinion so please hit the feedback button, this is your site too!

Haters need not apply...... [Wink]


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