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Author Topic: Town Meeting
Jim Daniels

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“Coo Coo”

Ok, about time we had a town meeting [Smile] One off lines like that may be fun to read among those of us with some depth regarding the site but are also baseless and misleading to the average reading member.

For those that haven’t been around to know, we moderate this site and always will. NOTHING we’ve done recently differs from any action in the past. If anything, some of the old timers say we are a bit relaxed. In the early days we fended off folks from other classes with ill intentions and the occasional flames against each other. These days we fend off the spam bots, occasional misunderstandings over what advertising “is”, a few flames and, of course, the personal differences some have.

Our mission is to promote and discuss SM racing while presenting as much free information as we can, all in a positive manner. The setup guide alone helped a few folks if nothing else. The dyno guide will help a few more. Although we sway side to side here and there and have some good spirited fun, you (and those visiting us for information about this class) will never see the latest Parris Hilton video, memorable lines from the Chappell show, endless forum advertising dotted with meaningful content, personal attacks or even bashing of another site.

The formula used to moderate is not new or dictatorial. More people can edit this site than every before and that is how we like it. We have moderators selected for their ability to reason. None of them are here because they are “yes” men and each understands the mission above. We do not always agree and we like that too. The most common trait among us is the love for this class and its future.

Let’s clear up some misconceptions!

The word “official” is not self given but taken from the many sources that reference this site as such. Mazda advertising, print media and other outlets, such as web based news organizations, have all dubbed and referred to this site in this manner. The first Pro series originated here and a quick look at the archives will show where the first set of rules adopted by SCCA was hashed out on this site and then submitted (Sanders, McMasters, Daniels, Fastrack Archives). The guy who invented this class (Shannon McMasters, MER) is the original owner of this domain. He entrusted it to me to build the site and promote. Much of our advertising views come from Shannon and the scenario previous to this site’s existence (another story, another time). The site also enjoys timely updates and insightful information regarding the MFG from the MAZDA folks and especially Tim Buck (thanks Tim). It seems clear the use of “official” is not out stepping any unwritten boundaries.

No one was banned because of an off the cuff remark or something insignificant such as that. I will not comment on the details because that is not in the spirit of this site or me personally. I will say that some might think it was petty while others might think it was well-founded. I like to see the good in folks and hope things will settle down with time. As one would suspect other issues than what is commented on in the internet world are certainly a factor here. Some of the folks we banned are back and some are not racing anymore. Years of posts can be searched by every member per member. Wondering if we are “Coo Coo” today only requires a good read to see where we came from and who the players have been. I bet the term will be pointed elsewhere less the spin of today.


There is a big difference between us protecting the site from outsiders like spam and us protecting the site from within. From within is much more personal and nasty in nature. Exploitation when being called exploitive is a hard pill to swallow given the historical facts.

Some of you are “testing the waters” of our moderation for no other reason than to poke and prod. The time the moderators spend working on this site is voluntary as is mine. With time as precious as it is why should we spend it dealing with you or you with us? Sometimes a new member puts an ad in a forum or some other innocent act occurs not worth mentioning. Other times it is intentional and a direct attack or that is how we perceive it. Life is to short gang!!



http://WWW.SPECMIATACLASSIFIEDS.COM everything we are not, SM content

http://WWW.SCCAFORUMS.COM been around forever, all classes

http://WWW.NASAFORUMS.COM their discussions

http://WWW.SCCABB.COM the club’s forums, all classes

http://WWW.MCSCC.ORG the good folks of the Council

I’m sure I missed someone? List it in this topic for all to see! However, PLEASE do not waste anymore of our time trying to sneak a competitor’s forum into our site. If they want to gain members or support every one of “you” should expect and demand they do it fairly and not at the expense of what we are trying to do and have done here. It is time for the self proclaimed SM experts on intent and philosophy to act as such.

Hum-dinger I know, needed IMO (no H) [Smile]

Side note: On the personal attacks…. I’m fat, old, bald and cheat as everyone clearly knows. Take those slams and add it to your talent already! It pains me to see such intelligent and worthy individuals in my mirror when I can hardly get in and out of the car! [Razz]

Yeah, spelling and grammar bad too, shoot me…. [Smile]


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