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Author Topic: RMDiv 2005 SM Regional Points Rules
Rick Buhl Verified Driver

Region: RMDiv
Car #: 82
Year : 1992
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Below are the division points rules that will be used for Spec Miata in the RMDiv. If you want to discuss/bitch/question the system, I recommend using the SM forum at the colorado scca website (www.coloradoscca.org)

SM #82

RMDiv Spec Miata (SM) Divisional Points

1.0 This document will define the point system and series for the Rocky Mountain Division Regional Spec Miata (SM). This system will be used in place of the point system identified in the GCR. There will be no other divisional points system for RMDiv Spec Miata.

2.0 Series and Eligibility. There will be three points series for SM drivers in RMDiv: Divisional, Novice Cup, and Rookie Cup.

2.1 Divisional Series. Open to all registered drivers whose vehicles are compliant with the RMDiv Supplemental SM rules. Season ending trophies will be presented to the top five finishers.

2.2 Novice Cup. Restricted to drivers who have 2-3 years of 4-wheel vehicle racing experience (including karts). Anyone finishing in the top 3 of the Division Series is ineligible for Novice Cup the following year. Rookies who finished in the top 3 in the divisional series the prior year are not eligible for the Novice Cup. Season ending trophies will be presented to the top three finishers.

2.3 Rookie Cup. Restricted to drivers who have no prior 4-wheel vehicle racing experience (including karts). Season ending trophies will be presented to the top three finishers.

3.0 Points. All series will use the same basic finishing point system as the Pro Spec Miata series.

Finishing Position Points
1st 30 13th 13
2nd 27 14th 12
3rd 25 15th 11
4th 23 16th 10
5th 21 17th 9
6th 20 18th 8
7th 19 19th 7
8th 18 20th 6
9th 17 21st 5
10th 16 22nd 4
11th 15 23rd 3
12th 14 24th 2
25th 1

3.1 Qualifying Points. Qualifying points will be awarded as follows:

1st 5
2nd 3
3rd 2
4th 1
5th 1

3.1.1 Combine Qualifying. In the event that two qualifying sessions are run, points will be given based on the combined qualifying position NOT each individual session.

3.2 Laps Lead. There will be no additional points for laps lead.

3.3 Bonus Points. In addition to finishing position and qualifying position, any driver who drives a SM in the season ending Enduro for at least 20 minutes will receive 15 bonus points.

3.4 Points Calculation. A maximum of 8 qualifying and race results will be counted for the points series. Qualifying and finishing position are counted separately. Each driver’s top eight qualifying results and top eight race results will be added together to determine the point standings. The Enduro bonus will be added after totaling the points from the best 8 races. The driver with the highest point total will be declared the Rocky Mountain SCCA SM Champion.

3.4.1 Ties. In the event of ties, the first decider will be number of first place finishes. In the event that there is still a tie, the number of 2nd place finishes will be the tie breaker. This will continue (3rd, 4th, etc) until the tie is broken. If there is still a tie, then the process will be repeated using qualifying positions. If a winner is still not determined, a tie will be declared and two trophies will be awarded for the position in question.

3.5 Disqualification and Penalties. In the event that a competitor is disqualified, the points for that position will be given to the next highest placed competitor with subsequent competitors moving up as well. Position penalties will be handled in a like manner with the penalized driver moving down and the other competitors moving up to ensure that points are awarded for each position. This applies to both qualifying and race results.

4.0 Special Awards:

4.1 Driver of the Year (Sportsmanship). Registered points series members will vote to determine the driver of the year. The trophy is intended to recognize a driver who has contributed to the class in an exceptional manner, displayed exceptional sportsmanship, and exemplified the virtues of the “Gentlemen Racer”. Voting will be conducted by the points-keeper.

4.2 Corner Workers Driver of the Year Award. The corner workers will vote on their favorite driver at each event. Each vote will count for 1 point. The driver with the most points at the end of the year will be awarded the Corner Workers Driver of the Year Award. There is no limit to the number of races that count towards the award.

4.3 PUKCUF Award. Registered points series members will vote to determine the driver who makes the biggest screw up during the year. Nominations can be made to the points-keeper at any time during the season. Voting will be conducted by the points-keeper.

5.0 Registration. To register for the points series, the driver must complete the required form and submit $35 to the points-keeper. Forms and funds must be submitted to the points-keeper prior to qualifying to be eligible for that event. The cut-off date for series registration is prior to qualifying of the Jun 12th SCR event. Acceptance of registration after 12 June is at the discretion of the points-keeper, and will only be accepted if there are extenuating circumstances (just moved to region, just finished driver’s school, etc).

5.1 Forms. Forms are available via email from Bill Tolley wptolley@isecinc.com or at all sanctioned events.

6.0 Appeals. Decisions of the points-keeper can be appealed to the Driver’s Advisory Board (DAB). The decision of the DAB will be final in all matters, and decisions cannot be appealed to the SCCA.

7.0 Hankook Contingency Support. Hankook has graciously agreed to provide tires as a contingency for the RMDiv SM Regional Class. The Driver’s Advisory Board will publish rules for the distribution method prior to each event, and will use the following principles as guidance: a drawing, best rookie finish, fast race lap, pole position, winner, hard charger, etc.

8.0 Worker Recognition. In order to properly recognize the workers who make our racing possible, each point series entrant will be required to display a decal with the wording “Thanks Workers” on the vehicles rear bumper. To be eligible for points from an event, the sticker must be on the car for qualifying and the race. One sticker will be provided to each series entrant. Additional decals will be $5. All entrants are encouraged to put “Thanks” “Workers” on their headlights and to raise their headlights in the pit lane and on the cool down lap.

9.0 Changes. The DAB reserves the right to amend the points rules during the season should conditions warrant with the exception of paragraphs 2 and 3.

Attachment 1 - Hankook Contingency Tire Distribution

The following table is tentative and maybe changed at any time prior to the event weekend.

Event Date Location Criteria Prize
Mar 5,6 AS Raffle - Sat 4 Tires
Apr 2,3 SCR Fastest Race Lap - Sat 4 Tires
Apr 30, May 1 La Junta Hard Charger* (most improved start to finish position) 4 Tires
May 28,29 PPIR Fastest Qualifier - Sat 4 Tires
Jun 12 SCR None None
Jul 16,17 PMI Highest placed Rookie or Novice - Sat 4 Tires
Jul 30 SCR None None
Sep 3,4 SCR Race Winner - Sat
Hard Charger* - Sun 4 Tires
4 Tires
Oct 8,9 SMP Raffle - Sat 4 Tires
Oct 22 PPIR None None
*Any entrant that has contact with another driver during the event will not be eligible for the Hard Charger award. Drive Clean!

Note: 16 events = 8 sets of tires

Rick Buhl
SM #82


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