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Posted by dtfastbear (Member # 2337) on :
I laughed, I cried, then I cried some more, then I pounded my fists... but I ended up laughing. What else can I do? [Smile]

This is interesting from the minute the green flag drops until the checkers wave. Be sure to watch the mirror because there's just as much action going on behind me as there is out the windshield most of the time.


Posted by Dusty Bottoms (Member # 594) on :
If it wasn't for you Dean, I'd have to watch regular TV. Thanks! I live for SFR racer's videos since nobody else seems to produce them frequently enough.
Posted by dtfastbear (Member # 2337) on :
There's some sort of issue with the uploaded file - it stops playing the video around the 30:15 mark. I'm replacing the video file now. Should take a couple hours to upload, though.

Sorry for the issues!


Posted by Johnny D (Member # 19554) on :
Sean Hoover posted this one under NASA Champ below and is really great with Darin and you.

You need to forward a bit until the race starts.

Posted by Ron Alan (Member # 23433) on :
Originally posted by Dusty Bottoms:
If it wasn't for you Dean, I'd have to watch regular TV. Thanks! I live for SFR racer's videos since nobody else seems to produce them frequently enough.

+2 [yep] I'm sure Darin will post his soon!

Still stopped at the 30 min the rest tomorrow! No need for your audio Dean...I'm pretty sure I can read all your sign language...this is my favorite [shame]

Amazing how in a 40 min. race some seemed to have no patience and were willing to wreck themselves as well as others. Also those who had good power but couldn't work with others to put down clean corners and get away...except for Darin and Dan. Very smart on there part to seemingly work together and created some distance before a final 2 or 3 lap show down.

After I heard of at least 1 penalty which docked positions for a qualifing race infraction, I'm wondering if anyone was penalized positions for this race? I saw several cars get punted(in which an advantage was gained and positions changed) and a lot of contact. Other than Valafar(for tech), was anyone else docked positions for "rough driving" or other rules infractions?
Posted by Juan Pineda (Member # 1581) on :
As much as I love BTCC on TV, that type of rough driving does not belong in our SM club racing. There is no skill in bumping a guy in a turn to punt them out of the way or slow them down.

Thanks for sharing your race Dean! It was a great drive vs. greater HP and some rough driving. I'm going to study that one for my next time at Miller.

I know Darin will share his video. Too bad more top drivers don't share theirs. It takes integrity to expose one's driving, both good and bad, for the community to see. I would love to see public video required for the top five or ten qualifiers. It would help keep our racing clean. And it would certainly be fun as well.

Posted by dtfastbear (Member # 2337) on :
Here's the last 10 minutes:

It still has some weirdness, but I skipped forward a few seconds and it cleared up. I'm going to reconvert the original and try to fix that.