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Posted by Champ (Member # 19332) on :
'99 miata where does the OBD connector mount? A pic would be great help.
Posted by wheel (Member # 3072) on :
You are required to have a shop manual, to race. You might just as well get one now. It would answer almost all your questions.
Posted by Champ (Member # 19332) on :
Where can I pick one of those up?
Posted by David Dewhurst (Member # 759) on :
Try Mazda Motor Sports or double side copy on three hole paper a friends at a place like offoice Max for maybe $30/$40.
Posted by wheel (Member # 3072) on :
I got mine from a friendly Mazda parts guy, at his cost, but I think Mazda M.S. gives the best deal, from what I remember of an earlier post.