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Posted by amolaver (Member # 816) on :
so i'm trying to build this car right and pulled the dash to remove the pad and airbag crapola. i guess it thought it would be more apparent what to pull out. 1st, what i assume is the primary computer (center of the dash, near the base of the windshield) i can't seem to figure out how to remove. are there fasteners underneath it blocked by the blower housing?

2nd, i see a few blue things, but am unsure which to pull. i've highlighted them in the pics with red arrows.



appreciate any pointers. and man is that dash pad noise/insulator thing tucked up into everything - what a PITA!
Posted by amolaver (Member # 816) on :
alright, so got the dash pad out and in that cluster decided to move the blower. in so doing, i got access to the two nuts holding the airbag computer + bracket and that is out.

i am confuzzled by the references to removing 'blue stuff' - there are blue wires running into the blower motor assembly, so clearly just being blue does not mean it is airbag stuff. in the 2nd picture, the 2nd arrow from the top (large blue connector) - is that REALLY supposed to come out. it has a LOT of wires coming in/out of it. also, the arrow to the left of that (white/clear connector, blue wires exiting bottom) looks like a relay to me - airbag related or no?

any other suggested activities while i'm in here? i REALLY do not want to play this game again...

Posted by ChrisA (Member # 3581) on :
First, what year car is this. The SAS module came out pretty easily from my '99. Just 2 nut holding the bracket in there. I left the wiring. While the idea of getting the unused connectors & wire weight out of there it is just too much trouble. You pretty much have to unwrap all the wire bundles. Hugh mess!
Posted by amolaver (Member # 816) on :
it is a '99. leaning that way (just SRS computer & firewall pad removed). i thought there were other components that should/could be removed.

Posted by Ken Wilkinson (Member # 17809) on :
Hey Adam, we missed you this weekend...what a scorcher!
When I pulled my airbag stuff I didn't pull any of the wires and I still need 20+ lbs of ballast and I weigh a lot more than you.
Posted by amolaver (Member # 816) on :
i didn't miss the heat, don't worry! had to finish my portion of the car prep for it to go to piper. got the dash back in yesterday afternoon and dropped it off to mitch this morning [yep]

i just pulled the computer and the dash pad of death - what a PITA that thing is!

any chance you have results from the weekend? can you post them over in the nasa forum?
Posted by davew (Member # 214) on :
By rule, you are not allowed to modify the wiring harness. Most of us cut speaker wires off, but removal of all the airbag/ac/stereo/etc wirires would be illegal

Posted by amolaver (Member # 816) on :
glad i didn't get too aggressive then [Smile] thanks for the info dave!