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Posted by Mighty Mike (Member # 3728) on :
Happy Birthday!!!!!
Have a great day. Hope to see you racing again soon.

Michael Niemann
Team MiataKa Racing
Posted by Dr.Dan (Member # 2040) on :
Maybe now that you are settled you will race more next year. Dad! I need another car...
Posted by Steve Holifield (Member # 4335) on :
Geeeez! Where can I find a 3 car trailer!!!!
Posted by Andrew Holifield (Member # 14433) on :
Thanks guys! I'm planning to be out there for the Laguna Regional and the enduro: in a driver's seat this time! I hope to see you all there.

I'll definitely be at the track more next year with at least a few times driving :-). We're going to have to get the 44 sealed though: watch out Phillip, here I come!