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Author Topic: Video recorder and data logger installation
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Sorry for really long post. I have been lurking here for several years and this is my first post (I think). I have no real mechanical/car work experience. I donít know how to cut/drill metal etc. I get a garage to do nearly everything on the car but I plan on starting to learn.

I have a 2003 NB that I do track days with and it is also my DD. It has a Hard Dog Hard Core roll bar. The carpet has been removed from rear parcel shelf where roll bar attaches. It is just metal covering the gas tank and shelf (see pics).

For data acquisition at the track, I just bought:

Chasecam PDR 100 solid state recorder with roll bar mount and suction cup mount for front hood.

AiM EVO4 Data Logger with GPS
AiM MyChron3 Dash Display
AiM 4-Port CAN Data Hub

See the pics. The white square in the middle of picture is a normal size business card (3.5Ē x 2.0Ē) to give a size perspective.

The EVO4 Data Logger has accelerometers in it but the manual seems to imply it can be installed in any orientation relative to direction of travel. You just need to use the software to tell it how it is installed in the car.

The Chasecam PDR100 solid state video recorder also has accelerometers and the manual also states that it can be mounted in any orientation with respect to direction of travel.

Both the PDR100, EVO4 and CAN data hub have metal flanges on both sides (see pics) for screws to keep them in place. The screws do not come with product.

My questions deal mainly with installing all this stuff in the car.

The PDR 100 video recorder has a flashing light on the front that tells you if everything is good and video is being recorded so Iíd like to be able to look at the front of the recorder before leaving pit lane. It comes with a mounting bracket (in pictures). It also comes with cigarette lighter power cable.

My initial thought was to mount the PDR 100 on the metal parcel shelf between the seats or behind the passenger seat (see pics) so I can see the light and also incase the auto start (using acceleration or velocity) does not work i.e. I could reach the start button while seated with seatbelt on. I imagine I would remove the entire metal piece before drilling holes in it so I donít drill through a wire or gas line [Smile] I would route the power cable from cigarette lighter to the parcel shelf. The bullet camera will be on roll bar or on front hood. The camera gets power from recorder and I have some long cords for that. I could also mount PDR 100 in glove box and remove glove box door so I could see the front flashing light.

For the AiM EVO4 and data hub, I thought I would remove the carpet from the passenger foot area and bolt both of them to bare metal (see pic Ė it shows where I plan to bolt them in Ė they are sitting on carpet). I am a bit leery of trying to keep the carpet and using Velcro. My worry is that even with Velcro, the EVO4 will still move under heavy braking causing erroneous accelerometer readings. I like the idea of bolting it to bare metal. But I m not an expert so maybe Velcro is ok. I was wondering if I can just put screws straight through the carpet into the metal but I donít know whatís under the carpet Ė so I think I want to cut out the carpet and attach them to bare metal.

The MyChron3 has a pigtail connector that is about 3 feet when stretched and it plugs into the CAN data hub which plugs into the EVO4. Also, I plan on connecting the RPM wires from ECU to the EVO4. The EVO4 also needs to be connected to power Ė it does not come with cigarette lighter power cord. So I thought the floor where passenger puts feet is a good spot.

I thought about putting the EVO4 and video recorder in the trunk but I donít really like that idea.

The only thing that needs to go outside of the car is the Chasecam bullet camera if i was using suction mount on front hood and the AiM EVO4 GPS antenna which i plan on putting on trunk lid. I guess both would have to go out the passenger window. I would use a lot of tape on the wires as they make their way down side of car to final destination. If it rains, the soft top will be up and I donít think the PDR100 would get too wet behind the passenger seat on parcel shelf (not sure if track events allow windows to be up a bit if its raining).

For the MyChron3 display, I thought I would remove the steering column housing and make custom metal brackets that attach to steering column. I would then attach the display to bracket. The other option is to Velcro the display to the clear plastic in front of instrument cluster or use some kind of suction cup mount for the windshield. I would much rather have it in front of cluster so I donít have to look off center to get my lap, split, segment times, RPM, shifter lights etc. I guess adhesive Velcro would work but Iím afraid it will leave a residue on the clear plastic in front of cluster.

Doing a search of this data acquisition forum leads me to believe:

1) I should mount the AiM EVO4 sensor unit on the tranny tunnel to get good accelerometer readings. Velcro may be sufficient or I can screw it into the tunnel (not sure about Velcro).
2) I can mount the AiM CAN data hub anywhere Ė it should be close enough for MyChron3 display and EVO4 to plug into.
3) I can mount the MyChron3 display in front of cluster or off center somewhere on dash - it seems there are different opinions on the best place to look at display while driving.
4) I can mount the PDR 100 data recorder pretty much anywhere Ė I just need to reach cigarette lighter for power Ė the cord seems long enough even if PDR 100 is on parcel shelf. Also, it should stay dry if itís raining.

Thanks for reading all this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.












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