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Author Topic: The Last Chance at WGI

Region: Mohud
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Year : 1999
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Trust me John it's not that simple. That wouldn't fix it all either.

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Year : 1999
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Please explain.

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SCCA 101:

Regions are Not-For-Profit businesses (NOTE: I did not say Non-Profit). Each region is like a single McDonald's restaurant that is own by a bunch of people called 'members' of that region.

The National Club is like the Corporate Franchise. IE: McDonalds Corporate. Does the National Club own the region? No.
Each region is 'Chartered' (like a franchise) to the National Club.

The Division is no more than an 'association' of all of the regions in that geographical area. A division is NOT a business. It is not franchised or chartered. It is a group of regions (individual businesses) that have grouped together to organize schedules, series, trainings, etc.

How does a division make decisions? It does not. The 'division' is made up of the REs of the regions. If those REs (and thus regions) agree to do something together, then it becomes a gentleman's hand shake that it will happen. IE: Worker Training support, various race series, race scheduling, etc.

The 'Division' is not a business, and on its own, as its own entity, has NO power or authority.

End lesson.


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Nicely said Ed, thanks


Jeff Longo Verified Driver Made Donation to Website

Region: NER
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Year : 1993
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Ed, Could you explain that again, only slowly, so I too can understand? [Big Grin] [duck]

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I think it goes like this.....

Each region (FLR, Mo-Hud, New York....etc) is its own individual business, with its own set of books. In theory each region has its own turf, but some corners (like Watkins Glen and Lime Rock for example) are shared as places to do business.

A group of regions is loosely collected into a Division. The Division is really just a place for each Region to meet and try to schedule their events so no one steps on eachother's toes and hopefully every Region can make money. The Division doesn't have a set of books because the Division doesn't actually operate a business...

At the end of the day though, the Division has no authority or decision making authority....it's just a venue for the regions to meet in neutral territory and try to work out agreements.

It's a way to organize a group of businesses so that they can all in theory make a profit without getting in eachother's way and letting things get messy.



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Originally posted by soupy:
I was just kidding.
I am in NO way in favor of doing away with the school. At the same time I don't understand why the Glen region should continue to loose money running the school when most other regions have no interest in helping run the schools but reap the benifits later from the added entries from the new drivers.
I'm in favor of adding $1 or $5 to every entry in the northeast to go to the drivers school fund. Then that money could be administrated at the divisional level. Maybe a divisional panel to work out a schedule for the tracks, what regions will be in charge of the event. Then move it around each year.
Or something like that.
We need to do something to make the process easier for newcomers to get started.

Charlie and Mike,
I couldnt agree with you more. If it takes a $1 to $5 surcharge so be it. But we need to make it easier and streamline the process of licensing in order to attract new drivers. This is the lifeblood of our club. We need to bring in new people in order not to just survive but to thrive. I am willing to help in any way i can.

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